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Back to School Week!

Week #1 of Classes


Back to the books we go. Say goodbye to the sweet short summer break and a little bit of respite for the mind because it’s time to hit the books again. As always I had those first day of day of classes jitters except this time over and over again because each day my schedule is a little bit different and none of my classes are ever in the same location. Plus there may have also been the added aspect of the first day of school being my 20th birthday, which is just insane. I never thought I’d be going to classes on my paper and have it snow being that usually my birthday is in the summer, but we’re just switching things up here in New Zealand. Overall the classes seem like they are going to be really good looking back on the week. They are definitely structured different and the lecture style a little more loose than I am used to. There is as everyone has been telling us much more emphasis on the work outside of the classroom, which makes the lectures a bit more of a brief and quick summary than the full blown detail that I am used to in classes back home. It’s going to be very interesting to get a totally different perspective that seeps into some of the discussions as well, especially in my sociology class which will have me reading about a NZ conscientious objector during WWI which will explain the war I’m sure from a different view as well as just the basic social interactions and customs that we might explore. Already in that class in regards to talking about the invasion of personal space there have been references to how Americans always walk down the wrong side of the sidewalk and how it makes it difficult to give way and interrupts the normal social custom of move left and causes the person to possibly invade your space. I am also taking a Zen Buddhism course which will lend an interesting and new religious perspective as well compared to the primarily Catholic or Christian classes I have had back at Gonzaga. Perhaps the class I am most excited for however is my Microbiology course on Infection and Immunity, which seems to be an epidemiology course. I think it will fit with my interests very well. In general however, the classes are much larger than I’m used to. Walking into the big lecture theaters that could easily sit 400 people and pick a seat among the already 180 people sitting can be very intimidating and just give the whole situation a completely different feel. I am used to the intimate 20-35 person class where you usually know at least several familiar faces. Now I look into a crowd of strangers, but hopefully I’ll come to know some of them. My last class is a Spanish class which is weird to take in NZ and is by far my smallest class. The mix of the Spanish accent with the kiwi accent leads to a very unique pronunciation in that class. Every thing seems to be off to a good start and hopefully will continue to be that way.


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