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26 June, 2011

So, I woke up at 5:30am this morning. Ridiculous. Yesterday was a very not good day for my mental state. Putting off packing was the worst thing I’ve ever done. I was running around all night panicking, endlessly searching my house for things that I may have forgotten. I would have started/finished sooner, except I wanted to spend every last possible minute with as many people as I possibly could. And I did get to see most of my friends a lot this past week, which was really nice. Leaving was harder than I anticipated, though. I’ll only be gone less than five months, but considering I have no idea what to expect during that time, it’s more than a little daunting. So the excitement is still pending. As soon as I actually meet some people I’ll feel better. But my layover in SFO is 8 hours long, and the Air New Zealand check-in counter doesn’t open for another 2.5 hours. So I’ve got a bit of down time, which for me equals a lot of freak-out time.

Speeeaking of SFO. It’s a cool place. This is my first time on the West Coast, let alone in California, but I really can’t even leave the airport, so that’s a little stupid. I had a brief scare when I first got here and couldn’t find my luggage, thinking that I had checked my stuff so it would be sent here; apparently, the baggage peeps just went ahead and sent it to Auckland for me. Phew.

Random interesting events that have kept me slightly entertained:

Checking into the Cleveland airport, I discovered that an old supervisor of mine when I worked at Marc’s is now doing security for good ol’ Cleveland-Hopkins. He totally remembered me, and was all “OH HEYYY” when I saw him. Awkward.

I had an interesting encounter with this chick working at a gift shop. I was just walking around, trying to fill my 8-hour gap somehow, and I go into this CNBC News shop, which is basically just full of books and magazines and random gifty things that I really would never buy but that’s how bored I am here. As soon as I walk in, this lady pounced on me, said she was so incredibly bored because she had to work until 4 and no one was coming in and would I please just talk to her for a little while? And I was like, “Umm.” But then I, too, was bored out of my mind, so I bit the bullet and let her talk at me for like 20 minutes about her favorite books (I noticed a general theme of really cheesy/inspirational-type books, the kind that I tend to run away from, etc.) and how she hates celebrities and how she came here from China so her parents expect a lot from her but really she just wants to invest in a farm and grow some crops, etc., etc. I nodded a lot. That was my second favorite part of this airport excursion.

My actual favorite part was right after that whole luggage freak-out debacle, when I was just calming down, and I found an ACTUAL Peet’s Coffee shop in a little food court! For those who don’t know, the SAGES Cafe (where I used to work) sells Peet’s coffee, which is, obviously, the best. But the closest actual Peet’s Coffee SHOP is in Illinois. So needless to say, I was super pumped about this discovery. I took a picture. And bought an iced mocha. So good.

Anyway, that’s where I’m at right now. Just waiting, waiting, waiting…


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