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Soy una gringa

It’s been a few days, so lots to report :)
Tuesday we had a little reception at the study abroad office in which we met our host families.  The reception started at 6:30, but we must account for “hora peruana” (Peruvian time), so my host mother arrived around 7:30.  And she wasn’t the last one, either!

(Waiting for our host families.  It really wasn’t that sad, of course, because we had empanadas :))

My host father works out of town during the week so I met my host mother, Sonia, who is an absolute doll.  Very sweet, today she sent a neighbor over to check that I’d gotten home okay because she couldn’t get a hold of me on my cell (I think she had the wrong number….)  Yes, I have a Peruvian cellphone now, very exciting.  Here’s a picture of me and my mama anfitriona (host mother).

I am never going to be lacking for food in this house.  Tonight she brought out some squash soup and I ate a big bowl of it (surprisingly, it was quite good).  I’m completely full, and next thing I know she’s bringing me a full plate of rice, beef, and potatoes.  But I’m not one to turn down food so of course I ate it all :))
And we have a dog!  He’s a Chihuahua and his name is Chipchip.  Never have I seen a dog with more energy.  But he’s adorable, and I don’t even particularly like dogs.

Te gusta su sueter (sweater)??

Yesterday, we had our “sobreviviendo Lima” (“surviving Lima”) chat in the study abroad office.  Also affectionately termed by previous students as the “Lali is going to scare the crap out of you” chat (Lali is our resident director).  It was all about how not to get robbed, kidnapped, etc.  So Lali goes around the room, pointing to each of us while she makes beeping noises that are the “gringo radar.”  You can imagine the volume of beeping that the other blonde student and I received (as Lali says, “Oooohhhhhh, my beaUTIful blonde girls.”)  The other girl joked that she could dye her hair 😛
For lunch yesterday, we ate in a cebicheria, a restaurant that specializes in ceviche, which is a dish of raw fish with onions, lime juice, aji (spicy sauce) and other spices.  I didn’t think I’d like it too much, because I’m not a big fan of sushi, but it’s delicious (muy rico!)

Today, we took a “combi” to the university.  Combis are little mini-buses that are kind of crazy and crowded but it costs less than a dollar for the 50-minute commute to the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru, where I’ll be taking classes.  The university was pretty, with big open quads and lots of trees (some good spots to hang my hammock!)

And yes, there are deer roaming about the quads.  Just a normal day….in the middle of the city.  Hmmmm.
That’s about it for now!  Some pictures for the enjoyment of my faithful readers:
 El parque de amor (the Park of Love) on the coast.  Mosaic-ed walls and benches, it’s really a beautiful place.

Some of the girls on the program and I in a cafe in Lima.
Ahi nos vidrios!!  (slang for “see you later!”)

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