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The List

Hello Readers,

I hope that I find a better way to address you, or else I might just drop the title all together so that you know I’m not just copying my diary onto the internet.  Some sort of greeting I feel is necessary though before I share my journey, before I compress you down pocket sized and take you with me.

Today is August 26th.  Today finally feels like going abroad is not just a dream or a porch talking point.  I said good bye to my boyfriend yesterday, and am finishing up the final projects of my summer internship.  This has been my longest summer.  My college friends are heading back to school or have started classes, and the roads are clogged with elementary school and UT traffic.  (I’m from Austin, TX by the way.)  Yet for me, it is still summer until September 10th.  Honestly, I haven’t done much to prepare for my trip yet.  Once I’m finished with my job I’ll be cramming in doctor appointments and errands.  I’ve thought about packing, does that count?  After living in the desert of southern California and dry central Texas I do not own a coat, let alone a waterproof one.  So that will be my big search among other things before the iPod is synced and I’m heading out the door suitcase in hand.  I’ve started a list.



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