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Being Abandoned Can Lead to Feelings of Anxiety…

Hey, I’m Claire, a rising junior at Johns Hopkins University. I’m so excited to leave Baltimore (or Bmore as we normally call it) behind and explore in my ancestral home of Ireland! I’m still two weeks and two days away from departure, but my friends have already started leaving to return to their schools – they’ll nearly all be gone by next Thursday, which is so crazy and leaves me wondering “where did the summer go?!?!”

With everyone leaving to return to school, I’ve had to really start thinking about going to Ireland (which a job, physics 2, and a 30-hour a week internship have kept me from doing previously…) and I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty anxious about it. I like to plan in advance, but I still haven’t been able to register for classes (we did that in March at JHU…) which is scary – what if I get blocked out of everything I want to take/of everything I got pre-approval to take from Hop? Hopefully nothing bad happens with that…I just have to have faith, everyone tells me. I do, however, know my housing – I’ll be in a 4-5 person suite (all single bedrooms) with two bathrooms, a kitchen, and a living room in the Merville Residences (a dorm) – BUT the school won’t release the names of my suitemates. This is a slight issue because there are no meal plans, so I must cook…but I can’t bring any cooking implements with me (pesky 2-bag limit on the airplane…), so I would like to find out what my roommates plan on bringing so I can plan ahead. Oh well…going to have to leave that one up in the air also, as there’s not much I can do to change the university’s mind.

I’m so excited to be surrounded by Irish people! They really have the best accent, and are so friendly overall – I hope I get along with my roommates (I’ve had some issues in the past)!


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