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Snow and Ice Adventures: Naseby Trip with IFSA Butler

Snow and Ice Adventures: Naseby Trip with IFSA Butler


So a lot has happened in the last couple of weeks, lots of school, little adventures, meetings of new people, and some cultural events in there too. We went to Naseby two weekends ago for some very adventure filled lugging and curling. The drive out there, about 3 hours by bus, was pretty intense. Of course it was another snow filled morning so the entire drive there was consumed by wind, ice, and quite a bit of snow, especially as we went up and down the constant rolling hills. It was beautiful though to see the snow covered hillsides and the apparently empty appearing roads that just went on into the storm. When we got to the foot of some larger mountains where Naseby was located the storm had clamed down to a more gentle, peaceful snow with some larger flakes in there. It seemed to fit very nicely with the quaint and small town atmosphere of Naseby. We ate some delicious croissant sandwiches while walking the streets before heading over to the area where we’d soon be lugging and curling. I started the afternoon out with lugging with a small group of friends. It was awesome to get to try it out because my family used to always watch the sport when the winter Olympics were on and we’d sit and joke about it and how it might be any of ours last chance to make it into the Olympics. After trying it though, I can say it definitely is more difficult than it may seem on TV. We slipped all over the ice and managed to clumsily score a couple of points in the house. The best part however was watching everybody try to start the push of the balls with the sliding onto the knee position. Basically everybody fell over, some onto the side, some flat on their back, and others almost into a face plant. I haven’t laughed as hard as I did then in a long time. If we had been taping each of us try and fail and put it on America’s Funniest Home Videos I think we would have had a shot at winning it all possibly. We then moved onto lugging which was definitely the higher action of the two sports, but we weren’t really any better at it than we were at curling. We began on what at the time seemed like barely a bump equipped with our helmets, shoes, and sled. We each proceeded to turn the wrong way, hit the wall, and then eventually make it around the corner, all of us laughing the whole way. We progressively moved farther up the course until we had some longer runs at the end.  Myself and a couple of others were a little slower at picking it up than the rest, for me probably because as many of you who know me well know I have trouble with my rights and lefts haha but we eventually caught up to the group. It was so much fun flying down the ice with the bit of snow still flurrying and every once and a while bumping the sides, and of course that touch of adrenaline rush fueling large smiles on all our faces. It was super fun and a really great break from Dunedin and schoolwork. The drive back was probably a thousand times more beautiful than the drive there. The views now that the clouds and storm had cleared were breath taking and the snow that we had gotten probably made it even more spectacular. It looked as though we were just driving in towards this huge mountain pass. The big rolling hills of farms scattered with sheep all up against big snow covered mountain ranges that seemed to go on forever. It reminded me of the drive my dad and I had taken back from school at the beginning of this summer along the Sierra Nevada’s, except with farmland, sheep, and many more rolling hills. The road just curved along through the hillside, towards the mountains, and then in towards the coastline and the beautiful Pacific Ocean. It was a really lovely drive, and although I was exhausted and probably at least half the bus had fallen asleep I was completely transfixed on the scenery around me and couldn’t let my eyes rest and miss out on the beauty that nature and New Zealand has to offer. I might also add that I must have seen at least 3 or 4 hawks which reminded me of the red tailed hawks I would see plunging out of the sky back in Arizona on the long drives through the desert. We got back had some delicious pizza and then got back to work and school the next week. This trip however made me so excited to get out and see the rest of New Zealand soon to come.


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