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Finally Enrolled!

After quite an interesting chain of events (joining a program [the pre-vet study abroad semester, in this case] in its first year is apparently a rather bumpy road), I am finally┬áregistered for my five courses! I’m going to be taking the following:

-Introduction to Irish Studies

-Introduction to Animal Science (a vet school pre-requisite)

-The Microbial World (basically microbiology, also a vet school pre-req)

-Animal Form and Function

-Exotic Species

The last class, exotic species, is a 200 level veterinary course – I get to start my vet school learning just a tad early! I’m really excited to work with veterinary students & professors – we’ll see how it turns out!

I’m a tad upset that my schedule includes a class on Monday at 11 and a class that ends at 2:50 on Friday, which limits my options for travel a bit. Oh well – all of Ireland/England will be my domain! :)

I can’t believe I’m actually going! I have housing and a schedule…insanity. Wish me luck – I leave next Sunday!


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