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Germany and France

So my trip to Germany and France was incredible! I spent four days in Bretten with my friend, Marlene. The original plan was to go to Berlin for the weekend, but due to some complications, we did not get to do that, which I am actually happy about because I got to spend more time with her friends and family. I told about the first two days in my videos, but my last two days I did not. The third day we went caught up on our sleep a bit and then Marlene’s grandmother made us a traditional German lunch. It was kind of like ravioli with sausage inside. I have to say, it was delicious! After that, we went to a lake for a swim and to lay in the sun and relax. For me, the water was very cold, but Marlene assured me it was not. It was a beautiful place and she said that most of the lakes in Germany are man-made so they can harvest the rocks off the bottom. It was so clean and you could see the bottom very far out. After the lake, we had dinner with her family, which was sausages and goat cheese. It was very yummy! We went out dancing that night, and to my surprise, the music was almost all American music! There was even a separate dance floor that they told me was the typical “German” dance floor, and half the music there was American 90s music, my all time favorite being, “Barbie Girl.” The last day of my stay we had a farewell breakfast with all of Marlene’s friends, and then headed to Catsua for the day. There we went to the zoo, had a delicious Italian dinner, and visited a museum that consisted of car art and some technology art. That night at eleven, I boarded the train for my eight hour ride to the airport in Berlin. I said goodbye to Marlene and hopped on the train with all of my luggage. My trip to Germany was absolutely wonderful, especially since I got to spend it with Marlene. I am so glad I had her, because I do not think it would have been near the experience it was. I hope I will get to visit her in London this fall since that is where she is going to University.

Some interesting things I discovered in Germany:

  1. When German people speak English their v’s come out with a w sound. So when they would say village, which they said a lot, it would come out as willage.
  2. At the age of about 16 students can decide if they want to continue on in school and go to University or drop out and work. If they decide to work, they will go through a few years of training in the job of their choice.
  3. If you build a new house in Germany, they have to have solar panels on the roof.
  4. Everything is much more expensive in Europe in general than in the US.
  5. Almost everyone (especially the younger people in Germany) knows at least two languages.



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