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The Countdown

Howdy, I’m Brandi and the countdown is on! In about 9 days I will be leaving the U.S. to study in the U.K.  More specifically, I will spend my fall semester in “Land of Songs,” formally known as Cardiff, Wales at Cardiff University.  I am very much excited since this will be more first time going to Europe.

This Sunday I am actually having a going away party.  Many of my friends and family have begun to ask me if I started to pack yet.  The answer is no!  Prior to Thursday I had been busy prepping for the GRE.  Now that I have took my test, I feel like almost ready to leave American soil. Even though I haven’t left yet, in some ways I know have started to feel homesick apprehension.  I know some of you may be thinking that’s crazy, but it is true.  I have two little sisters and when I look at them I realize how much I’m going to miss them.

With the help of facebook, I have been able to meet some students who already attend Cardiff Uni.  The students have been very helpful in answering my questions about course work, what to bring, student life, and so much.

Two weeks ago I received my dorm assignment; I received my first choice.  To my surprise, my dorm is actually one of the farthest dorms away from campus.  It’s about 30-45 minute walk to school.  At my home university I drive to my classes and they are about a 10 minute walk at the most.  With that being said, I know for sure I will definitely have some new and thrilling experiences.  This summer I have been reading and researching Wales and some surrounding countries.  One of things I’m looking forward to is sight-seeing in other Western European countries, since airfare is so reasonable.  I also I’m looking forward to trying a traditional Welsh fruit cake called “Bara brith”.  Bara brith actually means speckled bread in Welch.

Okay, well it’s time for me to get back to work.  I will try to write once more if I can before leave.

Peace & Love,



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  1. Zandra D. Lowe Says:

    Go Brandi, I hope you have a wonderful experience studying abroad. Keep in touch.

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