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Sweet Home Indiana

Hello Followers!  Welcome to my Blog!

Throughout the upcoming fall semester, I will be studying in London and interning at Mindshare Media Agency. I will be documenting my travels through Europe and giving my prospective of living abroad.

Now that we have some basic facts established, here is a glimpse of life, as I know it.

My blog is titled “Sweet Home Indiana” because there are many parallels to my life and Melony Carmichael (Reese Witherspoon) in the movie “Sweet Home Alabama”.

My Hometown

While I may not live in a trailer, nor is my father a Civil War reenactor, like Melony, we both come from very small, historical towns.  I grew up in a rural community in Southern Indiana, where we celebrate the annual Vincennes Rendezvous (which, in fact, does have war reenactments…). During high school, my graduating class of 15 would recite the Pledge of Allegiance, as we looked out at the rising sun above the George Rogers Clark Memorial.

Life in Southern Indiana revolves around watermelons.  August is watermelon month in Indiana, so naturally, we have a festival with a Watermelon Queen and seed spitting contests. During New Years Eve, while most Americans watch the ball drop in Times Square, we watch tens of melons drop from a 50-foot crane in the town square.

We have one main store, yes…. you guessed it! Wal-Mart.  We buy everything from books to bubble gum at this superstore, and occasionally spend summer evenings hanging out in the parking lot.  Now this may not sound like a glamorous lifestyle to some, but there is a wealth of unconditional fun that can be had with four-wheel drive, cornfields, and Jason Aldean’s “Dirt Road Anthem”.

College Life

While I have spent time dancing in my pretty pink Durangos, I have also walked in the stilettos of a (part-time) city girl.  I attend Butler University, in Indianapolis, IN, studying Business Marketing, where I had the fantastic opportunity to do a Co-Op (similar to an internship) at Johnson & Johnson, in Skillman, NJ.  Skillman is located about an hour and a half from New York City, where my fellow Co-Ops and I would have fun on the weekends.  From the moment my peep-toes stepped into Times Square, I was sold.  This place is a Marketer’s Heaven and I was swept up in all its glory.  From that moment on, I knew I couldn’t turn away from the energy of the lights and the commerce.


I guess you could say, that studying in London is my chance to “chase the lights”.   I chose London because of the city lifestyle and the opportunity to do an international Marketing internship. I will be interning at Mindshare Media Agency, which works with companies such as: Ford, Jaguar, Unilever, Nike and many more to develop marketing strategies to penetrate target audiences.  More details about my experience will come, so sit tight.

Soaking Up the Final Days of The Good Life

Here’s where Melony and I are oh, so similar.  She comes home from NYC to visit her mother and father in Alabama and she realizes that “this fits too”.   Well, cheers to you Miss Melony, because as much as the East Coast captured my heart, I came home for the summer and began to realize that the small town life “fits too”.  After a few days of letting my East Coast attitude air out, I realized that home is where the heart is, and coming home to your mom and dad’s smiling faces and a phone book full of close friends yields a lot of heart.  I celebrated my last few days of summer in a cotton dress and cowgirl boots at a Josh Turner concert and selling shoes at my mom’s local store. I am very blessed to have shared this summer with such wonderful people, who will support me as I spread my wings to a new land.

Things to look for in my blogs:

– Anything and everything about Prince Harry and the journey to our engagement

– Awesome window designs and displays

– Unique Marketing techniques throughout the UK

– Interesting cultural differences and observations

–  Fabulous shoes

And So Much More!! 


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