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“Good girls drink milk, Bad girls drink wine”

I would like to start this entry with an introduction – I realized I have yet to introduce my suitemates (I’ll come back to the title later, I promise)!  Sarah, as you know, is one of the other people living in my four-bedroom/two-bathroom suite – she hails from Las Vegas, and is studying pre-med at Vanderbilt.  However, this is her semester off – she’s (nearly) done with her pre-med requirements, so she’s doing a semester full of arts courses (mythology, theatre, etc.) – not going to lie, I’m pretty jealous.  The other two girls in my suite are both from China, from the same home university – their names are Wenjun and Kate.  They are both studying business, and will be here at UCD for the last two years of their undergraduate education.  Kate has a boyfriend (also Chinese, from the same home school) who is also studying at UCD, so we don’t see her very often.  However, Wenjun’s boyfriend is back IN China, so Sarah & I get to spend a lot of time with her.  Yesterday, for instance, we were walking to campus together and I reminded Wenjun that she was going to give us Chinese names – she asked if we wanted translations of our names into Chinese, or if we wanted nicknames.  Being greedy Americans, of COURSE we want both!  For my nickname, she chose “purple” (my favorite color)…for Sarah’s, she chose “Cookie” (because Centra sells two packs of cookies for 2 euro, and Sarah’s slightly addicted haha).


I love my suitemates – I definitely hit the jackpot this time!  They’re all clean, and super-friendly…and we’ve been decorating our living room together!  Sarah made two paper owls (named them “Pete” and “Tom,” a play on “Peeping Tom” because you can see directly into everyone else’s apartment around the quad) which are now living on the wall, and Wenjun cut out each of our names in our favorite color and those are also taped on the wall.  There are also some balloons, and a satirical poster Sarah & I found at the poster sale in the library this week (I’ll put up a picture later – it’s pretty funny!).


The other major room decorations arrived via courier on Saturday – my boyfriend, sent me flowers!  Apparently it was quite a process – he had to get my address and phone number from my sis,  etc. – and it was the most amazing surprise.  They smell so sweet, so when I had to cut the stems, I broke the bouquet up into smaller pieces and spread them throughout the apartment so everyone can enjoy their fragrance and beauty.


Alright. It might be a good time for me to expound upon the title of this post – here we go.  As I said, Sarah is pre-med, which means she has to take the MCAT.  She took it in August, and knew that her score would be posted yesterday (between 2 and 4 pm EST – 7 and 9 pm here).  We went to the Rocky Horror Picture Show, screened by the drama society in conjunction with the film society, which started at 7 – while I thought it was hysterical (especially the American girl a few rows back who essentially had a running commentary throughout the entire movie), Sarah got a bit nervous during a 10-minute interlude in the show and didn’t manage to calm down after that.  On the walk back to our room, we stopped at Centra to get her a bottle of wine, ice cream sandwiches, and (of course) cookies – just in case!  I gave her 40 euros (two 20 bills) to pay for the stuff, because I didn’t have an ID on me with my birthday to prove that I’m over 18; we walked up to the counter together, and the guy rang it up to being 11 something euros total.  Sarah got this confused look on her face and then just thrust both twenties at the guy – who laughed, said “Oh, is this a tip, then?” and promptly shoved one of the twenties in his shirt pocket.  It was a pretty funny moment – she was just so nervous that she had NO idea what was going on, and couldn’t figure out why two 20s was an inappropriate payment. (We got the second 20 back, no worries!)


We got home, and Sarah ran into her room to check her score – meanwhile, I opened the wine and cookies, and grabbed an ice cream bar for her.  She came back ok (not overjoyed, but not suicidal, either) and immediately demolished the ice cream bar.  Then she set about getting blasted (no judgment, I would too!) – she ended up drinking about ¾ of the bottle alone.  This is where the title occurs – Wenjun came in to the kitchen to get some food, and poured herself some milk.  She saw that Sarah was drinking wine (on a Tuesday) and, before any explanation could be made as to the reason, she immediately said “Good girls drink milk, bad girls drink wine!!”  It was pretty funny, so I wrote it down so I wouldn’t forget about it.  Sarah is a lot of fun when she’s drinking, so we hung out in the living room until a bit past midnight (I made her drink an entire mug of water so her head wouldn’t kill this morning, no worries) and then she went to sleep.


Yesterday was pretty excellent – aside from the hilarity of Rocky Horror and the amusement of my roomies, I switched one of my classes from Introduction to Irish Studies to Orchestra (meaning I don’t have class on Friday past 1 – and yes, I did get in to the orchestra!!), I found out that one of the classes I’m taking here will count as a pre-requisite for Iowa State Veterinary School (the only one for which I am considered ‘in-state’), and I worked out a potential schedule of classes for the next three years that will allow me to get the BS in Molecular & Cellular Biology while also picking up a minor in music!  It was a long day (bedtime past 3 = bad), but a very good one!


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