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Rugby World Cup Game: England v. Georgia

So the date has finally arrived!! Rugby World Cup has hit Dunedin and the tickets that we ordered about 3 months ago are now ready to be put to use and show us a good time. The seven of us, Emily, Monique, Tara, Lena, Lauren, Sarah and myself searched the town for red and white face paint and any other colorful stuff we could find to dress up and show our support for the game. We painted up, and got pumped for what was a very exciting and fun game. Although we knew that England was for sure going to dominate the game, we decided to support the underdog Georgian team and painted their flag across our faces. The streets were filled with people as we walked over to the stadium and instead of the cars passing through the roads, people ran along in red and white, because both teams were these colors. The stadium was packed with supporters and we even had some people who had travelled all the way from Georgia to see the game sitting in front of us. The energy of the place was incredible and everybody was just so happy to be here and witness some great rugby matches. The stadium had a truly different vibe from when I had been here about a month earlier for the soccer game and it was neat to witness the transformation. People were doing the wave, coming up with their own cheers for either team, and finding any way to demonstrate their support somehow. Although the Georgian team ended up losing rather badly, it was still an exciting and fun game to be at and an incredible experience to get to have in New Zealand, to witness a World Cup Game and participate in the excitement. It was a once in a lifetime experience, the scrums, tries, penalties, and scrambles of the enormous rugby players. It will be a cultural experience I will always remember in the stadium of Dunedin.


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