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First Month in the UK

I have been living in London for just over a month now, and life could not be better. We have done so many things in this wonderful city and met people from many different backgrounds.

Freshers Weeks

            The best thing about our school is how centrally located our dorms are. Marylebone campus has many business courses, so luckily nearly all of my classes are at the campus where I live.  Our campus is located in the heart of London and is just a short walk or tube ride to some of the most popular places in the city.

At Butler, we have one week of Freshman Orientation, which we call “Welcome Week”.  In London, there is “Freshers” which is the first two weeks of school completely dedicated to helping students get to know each other through planned functions.  Freshers week was probably the best two weeks of the entire year, and really helped each of us get to know one another.


The study abroad experience has been so great because in just over a month we have covered so much of London and some places beyond London, as well.  We have visited Camden Markets, Brick Lane Markets, Oxford Street, The British Museum, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Buckingham Palace, Covent Garden, Regent’s Park, and The Tate Modern Museum.  We have gone on a boat cruise to see the city in a different light and traveled to Wales, where we went into a coal mine.


Through my internship, I’ve had the opportunity to see many different speakers and attend many day-long conferences.  Some of these have included speakers from Google, Facebook, Twitter, XBOX, Nike, and the author of How Cool Brands Stay Hot.   I also got the opportunity to go to an event on the 41st floor of HSBC, a large bank in London.  One thing I have been struggling with is finding a work/life balance.  Many days, between going to work and school, I end up putting in 12-hour days and still try to find time to hang out with friends and apply for jobs.  It is my semester goal to develop a balance between my internship, school and extra activities.

While in London, I have also learned how to navigate through the public transport system, called the Underground or the Tube.  I’ve also been put in situations to improve my networking skills and learn how to meet people.  One of the main challenges in networking with others is understanding the many different accents that are being spoken.  Even though everyone is speaking English, sometimes it is very difficult to understand what is being said!  Some of the best things about London are: the amazing shopping, the incredibly fashionably shoes and delectable candy.  I have only been homesick a few times, and it has been easily cured thanks to the wonderful technology of video chatting!



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