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A long time since. UPDATES FINALLY!

I think me avoiding this blog was my form of culture shock.  I wanted to avoid all the negative thoughts I had and try to make the best of my adaptation to this wonderful land called Costa Rica. To sparknote the main points of the few months, I have travelled to awesome beaches, bonded with many people in my group, struggled with school, become totally part of the tico family I am staying with, discovered some awesome music, lost my phone(at a bar), lost my keys (in a taxi), broke my camera(sand), broke my laptop (virus) and got a laidback internship with the Costa Rican government!(which proves they really just dont do anything for the people, say what they will do and never follow through!)

But I dont want to cut short my adventures to any readers at there; although Ive struggled to adapt here as easily as I did in Madrid ( I think part of it is that I am used to being a city girl) I DO have some awesome great stories that I will gladly update here the rest of the week and post some awesome pictures once I get my laptop back.  for now I´d like to leave you all with an awesome song Ive discovered this semester, a bachata genre that is by a popular latino artist- Juan Luis Guerra!



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