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Random Thoughts and Costa Rica

Yesterday I was at the gym changing in the locker room, a pretty Americanized gym, and a prostitute walked in. I was like. WOAH. haha. not judging but I had never been that close to one before. they walk around Heredia at night, along with the transvestites, but I had never been next to one, up close and person, at 3pm in the afternoon.

then I was biking and I wasnt sure if I should tell the old lady next to me who was biking quite slowly that her machine wasnt on lol. Gosh I should really get my personal training license when I get back to the states.

and then I was talking to my host sister this morning. she was venting to me about how she went out last night and this crazy girl she was with was driving her nuts. then she began to elaborate how all her tica friends have been nuts and how her personality doesnt fit in with those of the ticas (ticas = costa rican latinas).  she explained how theyve gone behind her back and told lies that her dad was a drug dealer, that she was sleeping with all these people, etc etc. very childish stuff that we all go through in middle school that she continues to go through today as a 24 yr old. it made me think. hm. thats why i feel like I dont belong here in the Costa Rica culture. I’d like to think of myself as open, very friendly, and quite the social butterfly with many different groups of freinds back at home. I love the party scene, I also love the academic scene and the athletic scene, hence I always had different groups to relate to. here, the ticos are distant. they will be nice and help you to an extent; homework, directions, get you a drink for you birthday, give you advice on where to travel. but any closer than that is weird for them. in terms as my sister put it, ‘ costa ricans are repugnant, and the most snooty of all the latina countries in Latin America’. thats why i felt strange here. lik that minority in an all white, private, rich school where you got there luckily. like that new grl from a huge city that comes to a rural town in South Dakota. its different. different dynamic. I miss being a social butterfly. my close freinds are all in my exchange program. ive made tico friends, dont get me wrong, but no body significant. oh well. I think we all know from my first post ever from Costa Rica that I will be returning to Spain lol.

on another note. I do love my family though. they are amazing. they have shown me and demostrated that functional families are possible! haha. its great really. they care so much. and i am going to miss my host mom´s cooking SO much. she is literally the best chef ever. taking all of her recipes. fo sho.

6 weeks left in Costa Rica!

expect some adventure stories :)


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