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unlucky duckling who lost his way

the past two weeks have been tough for me I must say- more tough than the constant up and down that i had already experienced with this program. not only did my laptop crash ( and really, being cut off from the world and limited to a 9-5pm library is very inconvenient!) but i had lost my keys, then I was sick, i lost a few documents for school on that laptop and was super stressed, and when my mom had come to visit from the US, we were having our usual mother-daughter argument and somehow i had managed to lose or get pick pocketed in San Jose in a 20 min time span from the time i got out of the taxi, to the time we got onto the bus to Heredia. Therefore, 60 dollars, a credit card, my drivers license, my student ID and my visa card are now added to the list of things i have lost this semester! and the funny thing is that i have never lost anything or seemed so ‘irresponsible’ until this semster. EVER! hah.

well i went for a long run yesterday and today to cool off and I really dont care anymore. Unfortunately, I cant figure out why I seem to be a bit different here as a person adapting to this way of life and I cant figure out why it seems things went up and down so much, but on a bright note i have learned a great amount of Spanish, met a few great people, had a few great adventures, have a great host family, and at least i havent had anything traumatic actually happen. I have three weeks left and I want to end on a FANTASTIC note. Hence, i am taking a bus by myself to Granada, Nicaragua in 3 hours actually. I am finishing a 15 page paper on transexuality in terms of bioethics for bioethics class in Spanish and heading to the bus station:)

I posted a few pictures from Manuel Antonio park!


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