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Costa Rican Cat Calls

Since my last three weeks of hell are over, thought i’d leave my readers with some fun blogs from Costa Rica! :)

Everyday I have to walk about 20 minutes to the university here. Most of the time, I stand out because I am a gringa aka a very blonde girl. Sometimes the men here are very creepy or come off agressive.. as most latino countries. However, instead of being creeped out getting uncomfortable, I find it quite entertaining. Not to sound cocky, but sometimes I count how many cat calls Ill get in a span of 20 min at 8am in the morning lol. my record is 9.

Id like to share some with you that I can remember:

  • ‘omgahh look at herrrr heyy babyy!’
  • ‘where are you going my little bird!’
  • ‘baby come back, i love you!’
  • ‘wooww machita’
  • ‘hey rodolpho ven aqui, mira mira! (come here look, look!)’  [come outside store and stand in a group] ‘…wooww, hola bonita woww’
  • ‘marry me!’
  • ‘wow i love you’
  • ‘blondie’
  • ‘sexy grl come back!’
  • car driving.. stops.. goes in reverse… pulls down window… ‘holaa guapa’
  • hanging out of truck/van/ or car windows yelling non-understandable sounds
  • sitting in the park… drunk homeless man comes over yelling at me:.. “you robbed my heart! you took it!” [me]: ‘you can have it back!!’
  • some form of whistling, chi-chi-chi, or hiss sound you would make to get the attention of a cat or dog

those are some of the few fun ones i can remember haha. sometimes they can get REAL creative.


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