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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  AKA Acción de Gracias.

I think my host mom was a little confused that I was gone for nearly an hour at the supermarket, stocking up on the basics (butter, sweet potato, butter, flour, mangoes, butter, eggs, butter).  I was talking about “tomorrow,” blah, blah, blah, “cooking all day,” blah, blah….and she goes, “What, what holiday is tomorrow?”  WHAT?!?!?!?!?!

But I suppose that her lack of observance of the most important holiday of the year can be forgiven.  Perú doesn’t quite celebrate the contact of the Spanish empire with their indigenous cultures, so sadly, they do not have this holiday.  (Why do they have a name for something they don’t celebrate?  Good question.)

So what’s on the menu?  Our program director has ordered a turkey to be prepared “gringo style,” and it comes with gravy.  We (the students) -ahem, the students who feel they can cook -are making the rest.  Stuffing, pies, mashed potatoes.  I’m making 2 sweet potato pies.  Sweet potato is one thing that this country does not lack.  Success.

On that topic, however, cranberries are one thing that this country does, in fact, lack.  Our director was in New York last month and a few students asked her to bring back cranberries, but apparently they weren’t out in the stores yet.  So, we have come up with our own Peruvian alternative to cranberry sauce….


(Quite representative of Perú’s rainforest region.)

The funny thing is that a boy on my program actually found the recipe.!  Haha.  So I’m making that one too.

Finding everything in the store was a bit of a challenge.  For example, flour.  There are two types here.  Prepared flour and unprepared flour.  What??  I thought about asking someone, but then I didn’t know what I would ask…”I want the normal American kind….”  So I settled on the unprepared.  The only difference I could tell is that it didn’t have yeast, and I figured you don’t need that for a pie crust.  So hopefully that will work out for me 😛

Agenda for tomorrow:  Wake up, go to my History of Perú class.  The professor loves me and loves making references to the United States, so I am willing to bet that there is going to be some mention of Thanksgiving.  During which I will enlighten the class about this wonderful day.  (Too bad y’all didn’t get along with the Indians…just kidding).  Then, I will accompany my friend Liz to the Kosher market (she’s an Orthodox Jew…if you didn’t deduce that from “kosher,”) to buy Kosher desserts for the dinner.  Then cook, cook, cook, and dinner at 5!!


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