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I’m gonna miss this place.

Throughout the semester, I’ve been attending a Baptist church here in Lima.  It’s been wonderful, everyone is so friendly and has really welcomed me in.  Sadly, today was my last Sunday there.  During worship we did the Spanish versions of Angels we Have Heard on High and Silent Night (I didn’t love worship music there when I first got to Lima, and really missed my campus ministry at home, where the worship is WONDERFUL.  But once I got to know the songs I started enjoying it a lot more, and the Christmas tunes really got me into the holiday spirit!)  After that I basically slept through the message (and I was in the second row….oops), seeing as I went to a Calle 13 concert last night and only slept about 5 hours.  (By the way, this concert is a good story.  One that says a lot about Latin American culture.  But I have an Econ final tomorrow so that’s another blog post.)

But after church, we ordered pollo a la brasa (chicken), with the perfect sides of french fries, salad, and Inka Kola.  And of course the necessary ají sauce.  All the “jóvenes” (which are people in college…or out of college but still young….or other people who just like hanging out with the jóvenes) had lunch together in the church in honor of my last Sunday there!  I feel so loved by this church, it was so wonderful, but also sad to say goodbye right when I feel like I’m really getting to know them.  I guess I’ll just have to come back soon!

Here’s a pic of the jóvenes at a birthday party a month or so ago:


And here’s one of the whole church.  (I’m on the far right…the only blonde ;))


I feel as if I’m just now really coming to love the city and the people here.  I’m looking forward to going home, but I think I’m going to miss Perú more than I expected.



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