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2 weeks of bad luck (October, height of rain season) ‘we’re on edge here’.

Got a cold. My laptop crashed. Everything gets disorganized with school because my
laptop crashed and I have to be at the library every day. I don’t talk to my
friends at home as much anymore for three weeks because of the laptop crashing
and I get homesick. I fall behind in work because the hours the library is open
is not compatible with my schedule. I am not able to run my stress off. My
advisor forgets that I am blocked to register for Spring classes and I am on
the waitlist for three classes (will I graduate now?). Professor this semester
gives me an unfair final grade because she doesn’t like me. Get ripped off by a
taxi. Brother-cousin gets into a serious car accident and my aunt has a tumor.
Lose my wallet in a taxi aka my credit card, my visa, my license, my school ID,
and 60 dollars. Lose my house keys AGAIN in a taxi on top of everything.

But hey, bad luck happens to everyone I guess right? It can only get better from here. ! Having this all happen to me in Costa Rica really proved to me that sometimes in America, i feel like people make stressful situations for themselves- freaking out over things that arent a big deal or a stressful situation. for example, if the dishes are dirty in the sink and my mom is freaking out, i sincerely think now that hey, thats NOT a stressful situation, RELAX! Or if I’m late to class or if i have to stay up all night for a final exam, i feel like after these past two weeks of literally so much going wrong, that kind of pressure isnt nearly at the same level as these past two weeks :) so even if it sounds really tough, im kinda greatful it happened because its a good 1. reality check to how good i have it 2. and a good life lesson.


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