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What I miss about home/ appreciate more

–       Being a social butterfly with everyone/ my friends

–       Good clubs/discotecas and DJs or electronica music

–       Getting ready together or having friends over in general

–       Autumnfestivities

–       Hummus and Balsamic Vinegar

–       Sales/Shopping at Brand stores

–       Modern Fashion

–       Running/training hardcore and being able to run through trails or around the lake

–       Punctuality-especially of teachers and people in higher positions that keep their schedules prompt

–       Resources!Having the resource of awesome research databases and teachers with a lot of knowledge in their field of teaching. The resource of having good guidance from counselors or directors. The resource of having a lot of clubs on campus and being able to be involved in a lot of different activities on campus- seminars, special speakers, workshops, Greek life, clubs- I miss being able to meet other students really easily through these resources

–       Really open minded, liberal, free-spirited, and ambitious attitudes. Here everyone is just getting through life and don’t have great ambitions to be the best they can be. They don’t have huge competition or motivation to get straight A’s because it’s okay to just pass. They aren’t trying to be government officials and change things- just trying to get the gringos to give them more money. They don’t pay attention much to the news. They’re attitude is that they will do it ‘eventually’ instead of getting things done.

–       The easiness of calling someone and talking on the phone for however long- not worrying about prepaid minutes

–       The modernity of things- modern cars and traffic laws! (like more two way streets,cross walks, stop signs, speed laws, taxi stops), modern fashion, modern and up-to-date research and lectures to read, that everyone has internet at home and its reliable, modern styles of architecture and appliances, etc

–       People not obsessed with saving money. Not to sound like a spendthrift but I mean obsessed. I save. Im not rich but LIVE A LITTLE!! Come get coffee with me!!! Come have a drink at happy hour!! Don’t be cheap and not want to speak 1 dollar to take the bus, and then 1 dollar on coffee or 2 dollars on beer. Come to the beach that’s a 5 dollar bus ride. I miss people taking advantage of opportunities with me and making that a priority, not money.

–       People who have my sense of humor

–       Safety and independence. Especially at night. I miss the ability to walk around my block at 3 am without being worried that someone might rob me. I miss just having freedom to do whatever and not get judged or discriminated because I am a gringa. I miss being able to do things alone or in solitude without worrying about my safety.

–       A 24/7open library or CVS


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