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What I’ll miss most about Costa Rica :(

–       Being late and no one caring.. I’ll miss that no one is in a rush and I can just take my time

–       My host mom’s AMAZing cooking. I’ll miss not worrying about my diet or meals or food

–       My host family. I really learned new meanings to ‘family’ and was able to see a functional one

–       DEFINITELY going to miss speaking Spanish all the time, hearing it all the time and practicing

–       Im going to miss the weather. Although it was rain season this semester, I’m going to miss the easy and cheap access to the beach or parks on the weekends and the warm weather and being in the tropical climate

–       Im going to miss fresh fruit (papaya pineapple and bananas all the time) and the fresh juices

–       The reggae culture in all the clubs, bars, radios, etc… plus dreads and feathers style

–       Getting tan

–       Cheap shoes, cheap transportation, cheap drinks, cheap GOOD coffee

–       Café dates.. musmani’s, spoon, or the Frap place by Universidad Nacional!

–       How easy it was to hang out every day with Abe and Chris

–       Beach towns!

–       My fat host cat ‘SiSi’

–       Watching “Cafe con sabor de mujer’ Spanish soap opera with my host family at night

–       having time to sleep and no pressure to have to be busy and doing something 24/7. taking time to read, write and paint finally!

<3 and songs like this


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