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Aftershock in America

its been a week and a half since ive been home. im still not used to home! I can snack, and there are SO many food options! i come home and look at my closet, i have SO MUCH clothes. ive been putting stuff in bags to give to the salvation army for christmas because i realize i really dont need it all and can live with out it :)

So weird being home. Everything is strange. My first reaction was , ‘ omg the hot water works! Theres hot water in the sink!’.  Also, I can put toilet paper in the toilet now instead of the trashcan next to the toilet! And modern cars- the majority of cars here are 2005 or newer where as in Costa Rica it is all 2000 or older. Maybe even 1995 or older. its just strange being back in a first world country where everything is so modernized, especially in New Jersey or Washington DC (where i currently am). i drove the other day, traffic laws are soo much stricter here, yet some reason i was still a little nervous at intersections or turning at lights because in Costa Rica they seem to think those are optional haha. my cat remembers me! she is on my bed right now. and i was in Washington DC for a week and it was so great to see all my freinds! i missed them and home so much but so strange to see everyone stressed in final when i was already done/ i wasnt even that stressed for finals in Costa Rica. its strange seeing how stressed everyone is here about EVERYTHING! especially christmas, it shouldnt be stressful, it should be fun! oh my gosh though, COMMERCIALS!! i hate them. so annoying. i miss how in Costa Rica i didnt have to worry about all this commercialization on TV, on websites, on street corners, in every store- much much much less advertizing in Costa Rica and here in the US its EVERYWHERE. im watching  a movie here versus in Costa Rica and here, commerical break means 5 min of 15 commercials. in Costa Rica, it was 3 commercials and then the show would continue. im so grateful of all the options though on television, and food, and places to shop. I went to Kohls the other day and it was cool to see how cheap everything was, because of sales and holiday specials, i got awesome boots for $30 that i could never find in Costa Rica. and most of all, it might be strange to me of course because for the first time in years, im actually celebrating the christmas season. last year i was stuck in Europe because of a snow storm until Dec 23, and the years before that I was busy training for track at American University so id be home after finals just wanting to sleep. this year, i have all of December. ! the house looks great, im really helping out and putting up so much decoration and just stress free:)

its good to be home. i dont miss Costa Rica yet, just my host family. im most happy to be home though because I feel as though ive gained a new appreciation for things. and an annoyance for wasteful consumerism that i used to take advantage of. happy holidays:)


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