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Blenheim Palace

One of the best things to do is simply take a short day trip with friends.  It gets you out of your room, and allows you to spend some quality time with those you have come to know well.  Even better is when you stay close to where you live, for it is far cheaper than any other travel you could do.  This is why Christy, Krystal, Julia and I headed out to Blenheim Palace, roughly twenty miles from the heart of Oxford and accessible by bus.  It is the ancestral home of Winston Churchill, and is absolutely gorgeous.  We were able to convert our day passes into year long passes for free, meaning that we could come back in the future for no cost.  Inside the house, there were displays of Winston Churchill memorabilia, tours of the rooms, and a multimedia tour of the house and its inhabitants from creation to the present day Duke and his wife.  We then ate our sack lunches in the gardens then explored the grounds, from the rose garden to the hedge maze to the secret garden.  It was an amazing way to spend the day and explore a bit of history that was only a stone’s throw from Oxford, not to mention the prime photo opportunities (we had a lot of fun with them).  In fact, Julia had been talking with several other full time students who had never even ventured out of Oxford to explore what was close to them.  It is truly a hidden gem that should be explored.  One of the best pieces of advice the Butler staff has given us is to live in your city.  There is no need to travel far and wide to see items of great merit, there are many in your own backyard, wherever that may be.

Blenheim Palace Mimic the Statues Blenheim Palace Grounds

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