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When it comes to goodbyes, it’s never easy. The saying goodbye to friends, regrets for what you didn’t do, memories of what you did do, the end of the new chapter, and the return to the old one, it never comes easy. So, I find that the only way for me to cope with the epic goodbye that was my “Hasta Luego Nueva Zelanda” was to make a list of the things I hope to do the next time I’m there, because there will be a next time, and a list of my favorite things that anyone who is going there should put on their list of things to do.


Things to do new Zealand Round 2 (in no specific order):

  1. Routeburn Track
  2. Heaphy Track
  3. Stewart Island
  4. Tongariro Track
  5. Actual Walk on the Glacier
  6. Track to crow Hut
  7. See a Kiwi
  8. Milford Track
  9. Wellington

10. Cape Reinga

11. Arthur’s Pass Round 2

12. Christchurch not in rubble

13. Bike a large portion of either island

14. Mueller Hut in Mount Cook

15. Abel Tasman Track

16. Nelson

17. Pancake Rocks & Elephant Rocks

18. See a Blue Penguin

19. Visit Ama, Susan, James, and Tygh (wwoofing family)

20. Wwoof again

21. Keplar Track

22. Record Bird Sounds

The list could go on for much more, but these are the first that come to mind.


Things that are a must do in New Zealand (aka my favorites):

  1. Mount Cook
  2. Lake Tekapo
  3. The Catlins
  4. Stay at a bach in Arthur’s Pass
  5. See a Glacier
  6. Have one fun night in Queenstown
  7. Do at least one backpacking trip
  8. Winter camp
  9. Find a penguin

10. Go to the albatross colony

11. Wwoof

12. Hitch hike

13. Hold a lamb

  1. 14.  Hike in the Rain

15. Play in the Mud

16. Camp on the beach

17. Milford and Doubtful Sound or Fiordlands in general

18. Go to Paradise

19. Head to the Northland

20. Drink a cup of coffee at Mazagran and eat a yesterday’s muffin from Govenors

21. Go to Baldwin Street

22. Go to the Otago Peninsula and hike

23. Watch a Kea on a car

  1. 24.  Moeraki Boulders

25. Watch Rugby

26. Play possum


And finally the list of goofy things that are strangely missed:

  1. Mullets & Rat’s Tails
  2. Bird calls of the Tui, Belle Birds, Magpie, etc.
  3. Curious Kea’s
  4. Kiwi accents
  5. Govenors café
  6. Velvet Burger
  7. The Left side of the road
  8. Highways to nowhere
  9. Hitch hiking

10. Interesting/ funny Grafiti

11. Kumara & Beet Root

12. Lifetime friends

Yet again all these are among many other things that are missed. All and all though at the end of this trip I can say that I would do it over a hundred times and still love every minute of it! I couldn’t have asked for a better study abroad experience or a better country to travel in! Thanks New Zealand and Butler for the trip of a lifetime and the stories to tell over the ages. Look forward to seeing you again down the road and reliving the dream!!


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