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Little Suprises

I’ve been here over a week now.  I once heard the advice, “When traveling, take note of what surprises you.”  This is the format I will take in catching you (my readers) up on my adventures.  In my premonitions post I hesitated to say that I expected the UK to have bad food even though that is the stereotype.  The food is heavier than what I am used to, but because of the Troubles farmland hasn’t been developed into agribusiness.  Local, organic, cheap, and tasty all go together when grocery shopping. There is a proper way to eat with a knife and fork and it is much more efficient than how I learned to eat in the U.S.  I was surprised that classes do not start until the 28th.  The international students have had orientation, and now we just wait.  Because of orientation I have met more Germans than Irish students.  This is changing though as more local students move in.  People walk everywhere.  I knew there would be walking, I just assumed buses would be used daily.  The city is small enough that you can get most places within thirty minutes.  I expected Europeans to dress highly fashionable.  Belfast women wear sparkly, revealing outfits that would be called “tacky” in the states. But these are just small surprises.   My next entry will continue with the chief astonishment.


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