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Only 13 days left until I board a plane to Scotland and begin my adventure!  I am feeling both extreme excitement and nervousness.  So here is what I am doing now, with only 2 weeks left!

  • Making sure all my medical stuff is taken care of
  • Thinking about starting to pack my suitcases
  • Making gifts to bring to my family in Scotland

In truth, I have not packed anything yet, and with just 13 days to go, I should probably start!  It seems to overwhelming when I think about it, so I keep putting it off.  Knowing me, I will probably start packing a week before I leave lol.  I am sure there are more things I am doing/or should be doing lol, but I am just too excited to remember them all right now.  Here are some things I am nervous about.

  • Leaving my cat
  • Leaving my family and friends
  • Being too shy when I get to Scotland
  • Getting lost while I am overseas
  • How different the classes will be run
  • The long plane ride

Not too many fears lol!  I really will miss my cat, he is my baby, and I will probably miss him more than he will miss me! X)  I tend to be an introvert, but I love meeting new people. I am hoping that when I am abroad, my introvert sort of disappears lol.  Now on to the best part; THE EXCITEMENT!

  • Visiting the castles
  • Experiencing cool little restaurants
  • Shopping
  • Making new friends
  • Meeting my family who lives in Scotland
  • Taking pictures
  • Learning about a different culture
  • Experiencing how the school system works over there
  • Using the University of Stirling’s pool, (I love swimming!!)
  • Meeting the other people I will be living with!! (I’ve talked with them via Facebook, and they seem lovely)
  • Having the first big adventure of my life!!

Photography is one of my favorite hobbies in the world.  I do not do nearly as much as I would like, so this trip will be the perfect opportunity for picture taking!! J I love my home University, Saint Martin’s University, but unfortunately, we do not have a pool. Hence the reason I am stoked for using the University of Stirling’s pool.  Swimming is one of my favorite extra-curricular activities.  If I am lucky, I will acquire a swim buddy!  This will be my first time traveling outside the United States, and my first time being away from my family for an extended period of time!! The challenges I will face will be many, but I am excited to take them head on!! J  I cannot wait until I step onto that plane on the 25th!! I hope that everyone who has studied abroad, or is planning to, is/was as excited as I am!!!!


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2 Responses to “13 MORE DAYS”

  1. Danny Says:

    You will never regret it, best campus by far in Scotland … beautiful !

  2. Krystin Krystin Says:

    :) Good to hear positive things about where I am going! :) You go there yourself?

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