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The journey has begun!

We left from Indianapolis this morning and flew on our first flight to Detroit. It was a quick ride, only 45 minutes. Now we have a 3 1/2 hour layover and are grabbing lunch. The excitement is building!

Packing was a little crazy, but I managed to fit everything I needed. Wanted…not so much…but I’m really glad I was able to fit the important things. It only took me a day, which was surprising. But we kept buying the little things I needed right up until we left. Finding room to stuff them in my suitcase was interesting! But they both made weight and I was able to carry everything myself.

My mom is flying over with me to stay a couple of days. We are arriving early in Leeds, then traveling later to London so I can be there for orientation. That is where my mom will fly out and head back home. Our flight in takes us to Amsterdam, where we have another 3 hour layover. We will arrive there at 12:00 am our time, but 6:00 am their time. At least we won’t have a problem catching some zzzz’s in the airport. We will probably be wiped out by then after our 8 hour flight.

I’m really excited to actually be there! And to have my mom with me. We are best friends, and I’m really grateful that she gets to experience part of this with me. Leaving home was kind of hard, but knowing that when I come back, I get to spend the whole summer with them has made it easier. And Skype is a great way to stay connected!

Now we just have to stay occupied for another hour and a half…I think I might sneak in a cat nap. :0)


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