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First Week

Wow. I have been in the United Kingdom for just over a week. Today I woke up this morning and everyone was like why are you smiling so much wide. I just laughed. I thought to myself it’s a beautiful thing to be here, to wake up in another country unlike your own and know that there are any great and enriching encounters waiting to happen, new things to learn or to try, and vast amount of cultural experiences. Though I am in a new environment I understand I must keep my guard up. People love to spot an American and take advantage of them.
I really wish I didn’t have an American accent, because always ask me if I am American when I speak. Secondly, I wish I could speak pigeon. Lots of people speak pigeon here. I’m curious to know what they talk about.

This week I registered for my classes. I ended up having to change a couple of them, because the times conflicted with the other classes. So I ended up taking Politics & Journalism, Race, Nation, and Identity, and Conflict & Media. Classes start next week. I am excited. This week was called Freshers Week. The school had various events planned including, company, societies (school clubs), and sports fair.I joined four clubs. I joined the Fashion Society, Asian Society, United Nations Modeled Society, and the Bible Study Society.

Since I only been here a week, I’m still also adjusting to the culture and trying to meet new people. The second one is a little bit harder for me to do, since I am more of introvert. Hopefully, with the start of classes I will be able to come out my shell more on campus.

Since I have been her I have hung-out a couple times with my friend from Saint Louis, who lives in London.
Actually right now I’m sitting at her coffee table in London. Last night was one of her friends birthday parties. The affair was not like anything I had ever seen in the United States. I can’t even really explain it. But overall it was really kool.It feels really good to know someone who not that far away.Saturaday I will head back to Cardiff. Then Sunday I will go with some Cardiff’s international students on a tour of Wales, where we will get to see castle and a manor, then have lunch.

Well I have to go now, but check back next week or so to see how my courses went.


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