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Only five days until lift-off!

And I just started packing… TODAY. Not my best idea I must admit. When I studied abroad last fall in Grenoble, France, I was much more on top of things by this point. Although I’ve technically been on break from school for almost a month now, I’ve only been home for about a week and a half, so I feel a little like I’m playing catch-up. After weeks of family trips, vacation time with my girlfriends, and reveling in the unseasonably warm Fargo winter, I am about ready to start my new adventure in Bristol, England.

Even though I feel like I’ve done so much “research” and planning for the big move, it seems like I still have so much to do! Aside from packing, I just received my housing assignment from my IFSA-Butler advisor and information from the University of Bristol on registration and student life. It’s all quite a bit to take in at once. Especially as I have less than a week to go… (!!)

One of the more fun little projects I’m working on in preparation for English life is watching as much English TV and movies as possible, catching up on English news via the BBC, and reading Brit-Think, Ameri-Think, a “transatlantic survival guide” recommended to me by the IFSA-Butler London staff. It was a very quick read, but I would highly recommend it to anyone planning to travel, live, or study (or all three!) in the UK generally anytime in the near future. As far as English TV/movies go, I’ve recently watched Skins, a teen-drama that is actually set in Bristol (pretty cool), and A Hard Day’s Night, an very odd film about the Beatles. I’ll probably fit in another movie tonight and take a break from packing for a bit. Or I might read some of the pre-departure material I just received. Or both. The night is still young!

– Hannah


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