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Home again…

It is January 17, and I have been home from my semester abroad for almost a month (about 25 days…). It has been a pretty weird experience to return, because some things feel exactly normal (good thing I didn’t try to drive in Ireland…I still know what I’m doing over here, thankfully), while others are very odd. For example – the first four days of being home, the sun was out. I was fairly certain the apocalypse was soon to come, and the monsoon-style rain the fifth day made me feel much better. It is odd to think that the fact that it rained made me feel normal – keep that in mind when contemplating studying in Ireland. Whether it rains or not, it is pretty much ubiquitously gray.
Also, using American money has been a strange prospect – weird both because I no longer have to do conversions in my head to figure out what I’m really spending, and because I keep forgetting what things mean because they don’t have the exact amount spelled out in big letters on them. I haven’t a clue why, but my brain is now certain that quarters are worth 50 cents…which makes life a bit difficult.
Almost a month later, it feels incredible that Ireland already happened. How is it possible that I spent four months across the ocean, making incredible friends and drinking really cheap wine and occasionally studying? Life seems calmer over on the Emerald Isle – it’s been nothing but insanity since I’ve returned. The Irish attitude of “It’ll get done” (invariably accompanied by a shrug) does not fly in my parent’s house, as it turns out…

People are still asking me about Ireland, which seems funny to me because I’ve been back for so long…I have to keep remembering that, if I haven’t seen them, they have no way of knowing other than to ask me when I do see them! For you lovely internet folks, I will simply say that Ireland was great. I now know what life is like at a big college; I better understand the systems in place in Ireland (both in education and in farming – thanks Intro to Animal Science! …here is where a font specifically for sarcasm would come in handy); and I have experienced a completely different world. Having a (mostly adequate) public transportation system at my disposal made it possible for me to experience Dublin in a way that experiencing Baltimore has (thus far) been impossible, and I really enjoyed wandering with Sarah! I wish there had been more sun/less wind, and that getting to the continent had been cheaper…but overall it was an amazing time, and I would not take it back for anything.

I’m going to keep this post short, but I will say that the flight home was no big deal – and turning on my phone upon landing in the US and having fast internet AND the ability to text all of my American friends for free was a HUGE deal. I enjoyed my time in Ireland immensely, and I am so glad that I went (especially because I met Sarah, who I absolutely adore) – however, I have found that home for me is definitely Norwalk, CT, and I don’t see myself living across an ocean (or in such a different time zone) again any time soon.

I hope my blog has been informative and amusing; I know I have enjoyed writing it. It was a great semester…


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