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Highlights of London

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London is a bustling city that has many events going on everyday.  The website has a whole calendar of different happenings going on in different areas.  While in London we did many awesome things, so I decided to make a list of my top 10 favorite events.

Top 10 Favorite Events:

  1. Warehouse Party— We went to a concert that had seven different DJs, including Jaime XX.  The show was incredible- we got to the very front of the stage and were in many of the pictures from the show!
  2. Calvin Harris Concert—Calvin Harris came to London and we ventured all the way to zone 6 to see the show (we lived in zone 1). It took us about an hour to get there but the show was crazy!  People were packed so tightly into once space that we could hardly move.  The music and lights were great and it was great that our entire group went together.
  3. O’Neil’s in China town—O’Niel’s is a chain of Irish pubs.  One Thursday we went to the one in China town that had three floors and had two live bands.  They played songs like Blink 182 and the place was packed with dancers.
  4. Winter Wonderland—This was a theme park for all ages. My parents visited me while I was abroad and we went to Winter Wonderland together.  There were rides, foods from all different countries, games and live music.  They served mulled wine and beer which was very different than theme parks in the US.  There was even a Carousel Bar, made from a real carousel.
  5. Rugby and Soccer Games— We had the chance to go to an all-day soccer tournament and also a rugby match.  It was great to get a glimpse of British culture and see why people love the sports so much!
  6. Ice Bar—We went to the Ice Bar in London, which was made completely of ice!  We had to wear coats and gloves and could only stay in for 20 minutes, but it was so fun!
  7. Markets—London is known for having many different markets and we had the opportunity to visit a different market every weekend, including Brick Lane and Camden.
  8. Afternoon Tea at Harrods—Some of us enjoyed a nice cup of English tea with finger sandwiches and scones at Harrods.  The store was decorated for Christmas and there were giant teddy bears throughout.  A very English tradition!
  9. Sherlock Holmes Movie—The new Sherlock Holmes movie came out while were in London.  We lived on Baker Street, so it was awesome to see the movie on the street where it was set.
  10. Hampton Court Palace and Ice-Skating—Hampton Court Palace had a winter carnival.  We walked through the hedge maze, saw the amazing gardens and went ice-skating while we watched the sun set on the palace.

We did many other fun events besides those listed above, but those were the ones that my friends and I have the most lasting memories from.  London has something for everyone and it was awesome to experience a little bit from many different cultures.  Growing up in Indiana, I haven’t had exposure to much diversity but I love being surrounded by so many different walks of life!






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