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Here we go!

I’ve officially made it to England safe and sound. Arrived in London last Friday, spent a good couple days getting to know the Cardiff girls and exploring the city, then on Monday I moved into Durdham Hall in Bristol! Phew. It certainly has been a whirlwind of a week.

Since I’m a little bit behind on blogging here’s a brief overview of the fantastic time I had in London with five girls who are studying through IFSA-Butler in Cardiff, Wales for the semester:

Day 1: Arrived around 7am, explored the neighborhood, met Lynne and Oran at the London office, explored some more (including Portobello Road Market, where I struggled not to buy any thing – I’m a sucker for flea markets), met the Cardiff girls, get settled in my hotel room, dinner with Oran at Wagamama (I’ve found one in Bristol – very exciting!), drinks at the Windsor Castle and the Prince Edward pubs (at the second one we ran into the IFSA-Butler students studying at City University in London and had a good time getting to know them all), sleep.

Here’s a photo of one of the cool shops I discovered nearby the Portobello Road Market while I was exploring. I don’t remember its name, but it’s an edgy clothing store and any open space is COVERED with stacks of antique sewing machines. It was so cool!


Day 2: Group and individual orientation with Oran, Cambria, Andrew, and Charlotte – we learned all about academics, student life, and travel. I was most excited to hear about all of the fun trips IFSA-Butler has planned for us throughout the semester. The Weekend Adventure in Wales sounds like it will be a blast! Afterwards… lunch, saw an interesting play called The Pitman Painters, dinner, sleep.

Day 3: All day long we traveled around London on the Big Bus Tour, which allowed us to see a TON of landmarks, including:

Big Ben


Buckingham Palace


And then on the river tour, which was included with the Big Bus Tour, we saw the landmarks at night, which was AMAZING! Here’s a composite of some cool long-exposure shots I took while on the river tour:


Then we get to Monday, when Cambria and I took the 2-ish hour train to Bristol to move me in! I’ve only just finished unpacking and getting myself acquainted with the area, but so far I am loving it! My flatmates are super nice, and the city is wonderful. Pictures and perhaps a video as well will be up soon. Cheers!



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