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Almost Ready?

My friend Shaun just asked, “you ready for the trip over the pond?” I seem to be getting a lot of variations of this question lately. Since I’m entering the IFSA study abroad Australia program this semester all people seem to want to talk to me about is whether or not I’m ready, when I’m going, and if I’m excited to study in Sydney. Either that or they’re still trying to convince me not to go or figure out how to get in my suitcase.
If you’re reading this blog, most likely you are wondering that too because either a) you are considering such an experience yourself (maybe even one of IFSA’s Australia study abroad programs) or b) you’re one of my friends. I’ll tell you more or less the same thing I told Shaun; I’m stoked to go there, not completely packed or prepared yet, gonna miss my friends A LOT, but I can’t wait!

As far as being prepared goes, I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! I’ve passed on my responsibilities as rugby treasurer and Delta Zeta’s ritual chair, my passport came in last month, I finished all the paperwork for ifsa-butler and my school’s study abroad office (although I may have destroyed the rain forest), and I just applied for my visa a few hours ago (fortunately that was online, so there are still a few trees left). Things are looking pretty good on that front, but I haven’t been looking at all the muy importante information my program coordinator has been e-mailing me about insurance and packing tips and all that fun stuff. I figure I’ll be home for 2 weeks with no job and not much to do other than get ready for Australia, so I’m not worried. Of course that means I will be packing 1 week and 6 days from now…. just kidding! i hope…


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  1. bertil e Says:

    part of the culture shock mite b in not being able to your fave lite domestic beer. hopefully there will b an adequate sub!! Fosters anyone?
    Along with wireless hotspots one must, on this leg of your lifes journey anyway, look
    for hot spots one can get wired in……you know, check the local pulse and all!!
    As you break your facebook addiction I will attempt to shake my fear of the computer,
    maybe even become friends.
    Who’s ifsa-butler? Is that your roommate or something? Well I hope things r settling down for U and your starting to feel that sunny Aussie vibe! Carry on and ENJOY

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