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Two Weeks and Counting!

Australia is finally less than two weeks away and I could not be more excited.  I’ve seen my friends head off one by one for their semesters abroad and now it’s time to start my own adventure!  At this time in two weeks… well… I’ll probably still be on an insanely long plane ride, but I’ll be on a group flight of students all ready to spend 4 months in Sydney.

There are still so many unknowns about the trip ahead.  I know I’ll be partaking in some sort of internship, so I’ve ranked my top three choices and now I’ll have to wait for interviews in Australia to get my assignment.  I just found out I’ll have a single room in Sydney University Village, a primarily international dorm that is walking distance from campus.  I’ll have my own double bed and my own bathroom, which is more than I’ve ever had at Brandeis or home in DC!

Although I’m nervous about navigating a new city, meeting new people and taking classes at a new university, these are also some of the things I’m looking forward to the most.  One of the reasons I chose IFSA Butler was to get a chance to immerse myself in Australian life by taking classes at the University of Sydney.  While a few other programs only allow you to take classes with other American program participants, I’m hoping this opportunity will allow me to meet and hang out with Australians.

Our program starts with a four day IFSA orientation that looks incredible!  The tentative itinerary includes a walking tour of Sydney, Australian trivia night, a Blue Mountains hiking trip (where we are supposed to meet kangaroos and koalas!), a dinner boat cruise, a beach trip and a Quarantine Station tour.  And what’s great about going in the spring is that it is the beginning of the year in Australia and we’ll get to participate in ‘O-Week’, the University of Sydney’s own student orientation.

While I’m going to miss everyone back at home, I’m not too upset about trading in the cold Boston winter for summertime, a beautiful new city and plenty of opportunities to travel.  Sitting by my window, staring out at the rainy 40-degree weather outside, all I can do is keep counting down the days until Australia!


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