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Hello Belfast!

Hello everyone! First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for my delay in blogging. Since I’ve gotten here, it has been nothing but chaos but also nothing very “blog-worthy” has happened until this past weekend.

One of the first things we did once arriving to Belfast was go on a black cab taxi tour of the city. While Belfast isn’t an overwhelmingly big city, it is filled with history and interesting places to see. One of the main things Belfast is famous for is all of the murals around town. I have included pictures of those below about the time period called “The Troubles” which is Belfast’s most famous piece of history.

Another thing I should mention are my classes! Here at Queen’s University – Belfast, I am considered a third year (just like in America). However, the difference here is that students only complete three years of college. So if I was a full-time Irish student, I would be getting ready to graduate…yikes!

I only have classes on Wednesday and Thursday even though I’m taking 15 credit hours. This is because the English Department at Queen’s is more interested in self-taught reading and then discussion in class. In each of my classes, we read a book a week and then come to class prepared to discuss each one. Let’s just say I’ve been doing a LOT of reading.


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