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Life in Bristol

It seems so strange that I’ve already been in England for almost a month. But at the same time, I feel like I’ve been here for ages! I have come to absolutely love the city of Bristol – it’s just the right size that it has enough to do and see without being overwhelming. The people here are all very nice and welcoming, and I’m discovering a number of cool little towns nearby to visit for daytrips.

One of my favorite spots in Bristol is the Clifton Suspension Bridge. It’s one of the major landmarks not only of the city, but of the UK as a whole. One of my flatmates, Gill, took me on a walking tour of the city during my first week here, and we walked across it. Here is a rough composite I did of the view from the middle of the bridge:


When I go for my morning runs on the Downs right near my hall, there is a beautiful lookout point where you can see the bridge off in the distance. I will have to bring my camera along the next time I go out so I can post a picture of the view.

Life in the university halls has also been great. I have my own room with an en-suite bathroom and then the six of us in the flat share a common living/dining/cooking space.


In the flat there’s Gill from Essex, Mat from Portsmouth, Becky from Southampton, Steffan from Cardiff, Wales, and Hannah from California. Honestly, it has been quite nice to have another American student in the flat to bond with – especially when things get lost in translation due to the different slang, etc. We’ve had quite a few fun nights out together so far as the flatmates show Hannah and I around town, including a superhero themed party sponsored by the Student Union and dinner at Za Za Bazaar, which is the largest restaurant in the UK:

superheroes_8139   zazabazaar8260

Other than reveling in my lovely new English life, I’ve done a bit of traveling already! Last Saturday I went to Bath for a daytrip, and then on Tuesday I took the train into London to see Gavin DeGraw in concert with a friend studying at the University of Westminster. Next up is a daytrip to Oxford and then Steffan is taking some of the flatmates on a trip to Cardiff, which should be a lot of fun. More on travel in my next post!


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