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things to expect, part 4

  1. Expect to carry napkins/tissues and hand sanitizer (sale at Bath & Body Works!) everywhere. You’ll need it.
  2. Expect to have dinner late (as late as midnight!).
  3. Expect streets with restaurants, etc. to be empty until at least 11:30 pm, when it begins to pick up.
  4. (Always) expect free entry into any exclusive venue for the ladies 😉
  5. Expect to say no firmly and persistently when you’re approached (for both genders!)
  6. Expect everything to be closed during the siesta except the big supermercados and post office (good time to go!).
  7. Expect to always be asked the question of where you’re from.
  8. Expect cat calls, whistles, multiple forms of greetings, etc. on the streets.


  1. Expect cars to be in stick shift (if you’re planning on renting a car to explore Bariloche, for example…)
  2. Expect to wait a few minutes to cross the street.
  3. Expect craziness on the streets when driving.
  4. Expect dogs and cats everywhere (and don’t pet them!).
  5. Expect to take caution while walking (acequias, litter, etc).
  6. Expect roads to be long (I believe my street consists of 7 cuadras alone).
  7. Expect to refer to streets/blocks as cuadras.
  8. Expect to get good answers when you ask someone for directions! For street directions, ask “a que altura de la calle ‘X’ esta?”
  9. Expect to see many parks!
  10. Expect to see PDA (between couples, but hugs, pats and kisses are exchanged frequently on the streets among friends and family members).
  11. Expect staring (and it’s okay to stare right back)!
  12. Expect to share saliva (food, mate, etc).

Academic system

  1. Expect class to start late, and end both early and late.
  2. Expect students to come in and out during class (often to get hot water for mate).
  3. Expect mate to be passed around during class (including the professor).
  4. Expect classes to be canceled due to strikes, etc.
  5. Expect to hear (interesting) debates during class.
  6. Expect to go to the fotocopiadora for your readings (and may get slightly expensive).
  7. Expect to go to the fotocopiadora for your printing, fax, and scanning needs (no printer!).

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