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under the mendocinian sun

Bienvenidos a Mendoza!

It’s been a while since I last posted! So many things have happened in just 15 days! It’s really hard to believe that only two weeks ago, I was at the airport anxiously counting down the minutes for my flight to Buenos Aires!  After a wonderful two days in the capital, we flew to Mendoza on the 25th to meet our host families. During the entire two hour flight I remember trying to figure out some basic phrases I could say, but I fell asleep; and within minutes,  my heart was racing as I was pushing the cart loaded with my bags at the airport in Mendoza, greeted by smiling faces who were all holding up each of our names. My host mom was extremely welcoming and had the patience to speak very slowly with me so I could understand everything. Her daughters are also very generous and the house is wonderful! Arriving in Mendoza made me finally realize that I’m actually in Argentina for a semester, trying to integrate myself as a Mendocinian. In a lot of ways, the adjustment has been both much easier and harder than I expected. For one thing, I’m falling in love with the patio outside my window, the pack of small dogs that follow me down the street when I leave for class, the endless rows of palm trees, the beautiful parks, excellent weather, and the friendliness of the people. I also can’t get over the vivacious energy of Mendocinians: I can feel the excitement at bars and boliches even on Monday nights, the happy family picnics I see frequently when I go for runs at San Martin park, and how the people are constantly relaxed and know how to live life.  But at the same time, speaking Spanish 24/7 has been a challenge. While at this point, I’m comfortable enough to initiate conversations with my host family and no longer afraid to ask for directions on the street (no longer getting lost!), I also realized how much I have to learn. Classes at the University start in two weeks, and although I’m nervous, I’m ready for the challenge and excited to make more Argentine friends. 

Everything is passing by like a whirlwind and since I can’t describe everything, here are a few pictures below to describe my life so far!

Here is a brief video about the Vendimia festival. I apologize for the shakiness, for some reason I really couldn’t hold still!

I also apologize for the order. From the first picture: Mendoza sign at Plaza Independencia/palm trees/a scene from the Vendimia Festival/Vendimia parade on San Martin street/the Andes/man made lake at San Martin Park/IFSA love/Vendimia stage 1/Vendimia stage 2


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