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El sandwichon

Today is the birthday of one of my friends in the IFSA-BUTLER program.  I thought I’d surprise her with your typical Yucatecan birthday feast:  el sandwichon.  This monster of a sandwich is made in the following manner.

1.  Take a can of cream and blend with cream cheese.  Put in fridge.

2. Blend another can of cream with slices of American cheese.  Add slices of canned red pepper and continue blending.  Put in fridge.

3.  Blend your third and final can of cream with slices of ham.  (Normally you add peas with mustard to the mixture, but my host mom Rebecca didn’t have canned peas and didn’t like the taste of the frozen green peas.  Gotta get your vegetables right?) Put in fridge.

4.  Take your loaf of sandwichon bread (long, thing sliced white bread) remove the top piece (too hard) and set aside. Remove cream mixtures from fridge.

5.  Grab the next slice, and soak with milk.  Cover with the cheese mixture.

6. Place the next slice of bread on top, soak with milk, cover with jam mixture.

7.  Slice of bread, milk, pineapple jam.

8.  Repeat steps 5 and 6.

9. Cover all edges with the cream cheese cream mixture.

10.  Add crushed pecans on top with thin slices of red pepper and a few peas for color and decoration.

11.  ENJOY! (How could you not?)


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