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first impressions

from top to bottom: expect this when you order grilled cheese/in San Telmo (“no tocar, por favor,” oops)/the Pink House/ one of the tombs in Recoleta/jumping to our first adventure in Buenos Aires!/Buenos Aires!

I’ve only been in Argentina for four days yet SO MUCH has happened. It’s obviously hard to write everything, so I’ll narrow it down a bit.

My first impression of Argentina was definitely influenced by the welcoming weather, gorgeous skies, palm trees, and amazing architecture. After an intense eight hour flight (four hour delay), we were all relieved to finally arrive at our destination. Orientation got me very excited for the next five months ahead! While we were roaming around Palermo, Recoleta Cemetery (very intricate tombs!), San Telmo, Rio de Plato, and Casa Rosa, I immediately fell in love. Buenos Aires is such an alive and beautiful city!

The Friday before we left for Mendoza, we had dinner at  Mala Cara, a restaurant not too far from the hotel. Looking for something easy and familiar to eat, three of us ordered grilled cheese, expecting two slices of bread enveloping a slice of cheese. After several minutes however, the waiter brought out a large piece of tomato with a hunk of cheese on top of it. Needless to say, we couldn’t finish our cheese (very salty!) and were disappointed yet amused all at once.

The next day, we flew to Mendoza and finally met our host families. My heart was racing as I was getting in line to pass the sliding doors to face the crowd, but my anxiety slightly dissipated when I saw a friendly looking woman carrying a sign with my name on it. She greeted me warmly and told me not to be nervous. Unfortunately, I was actually very nervous and found it extremely difficult to participate in conversation. My brain was working 50mph trying to register, decipher, and create a response.

My host mom was very understanding and patiently let me work out the sentences slowly as she guided me around her home. My room is very clean and cozy with excellent wifi….I was worried I wouldn’t have internet access! After a delicious dinner of home baked pizza and dessert (with dulce de leche, of course), I immediately returned to my room to recover. I have to get used to the Argentine way of living! Although as a sleep lover, I’m not too sure how I’ll manage at the moment. Lots of coffee, I guess 😀 It’s finally sinking in that I’m at Argentina at last!

* I apologize for the pictures and format, for some reason I had great difficulty trying to upload bigger pictures and getting it to the right format.


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