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Windy Wellington

Wellington has been amazing so far. When we first got to our flats, we had a week or so before classes started to do whatever we wanted. I spent a lot of time exploring the city. There is always something to do! At first, going up and down hills constantly was quite a workout, but now we are all used to it so it’s easy.

If you ever come to Wellington, definitely check out the market on Sundays to get your fruits and veggies. It is all very cheap and fresh! We have fun going to the market every week and walking along the waterfront. Make sure you find the store Typo. It is my favourite store here. It’s a crafty/journal/scrapbook type store with so many cute things! Also make sure you visit Scopa and get their amazing hot chocolate. It is something you CANNOT forego!

Here is a view of part of the city from up on the hill where I live:


Since classes have started, there has been a lot less time to walk around but we are still managing to do quite a bit. We are planning to go to the beach this weekend since the weather will be so nice.

This past weekend we did and adventure weekend trip with Guy and Debbie. We took the ferry to Picton and took a train down the coast to Kaikoura for whale watching! It was so much fun.  Here are some pictures from that trip:

  Sunset at the Dusky Lodge


Currently we are solidifying our plans for mid-trimester break so I will update when we have those nailed down. We are visiting the South Island – mostly the west coast and central parts.


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