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Adjusting to Life in the UK

Classes started about two weeks ago. I’m still adjusting to the academia difference between my home university Alcorn and Cardiff Uni. One of the main differences is the fact that we spend less time in class, but are expected to spend more time outside of class time reading and researching for lectures, even though we do not have many physical daily or weekly homework assignments. I could have about 3 or 4 pieces of literature for each class per a week. So far my Conflict and Media is my favorite, because the lectures topics are very interesting. Since I’m not very familiar with British politics or race relations I would say my Politics & Journalism and Race, Nation, & Identity courses are bit more of a challenge. However, I’m very much up to conquering anything thrown my way. Last week the readings especially were somewhat hard for me to get through. But I know with time things will get better; the readings will become easier.

As it relates to the social scene, I’m still adjusting to that as well. Though there is a diversity of things for most students to do such as hang-out pubs, concerts etc., when it comes to events for minority cultures there is not as many options.

This experience is also teaching, really forcing me to come out of my shell and be less of an introvert. To help with this, I decided I would join a few societies (school clubs). Recently I joined the Fashion Society, and they hosted an event at House of Fraser last Thursday. After much deliberation, I decided to go and try to be more social. The fashion was great and I had nice time, plus everyone received goody bags. I’m looking forward to the knitting workshop in a couple weeks.

My weekend consisted of what I like to call Brandi’s London Adventures (lol). So Friday I went to London to visit one my friends who actually from Missouri. Friday went to a party at a nice club in East London. Saturday, we went to Central London to get new sketch books and paints as well fabrics. I really enjoy taking the underground subway every time I’m there. London is like my second home apart from Cardiff. I also decided that I want to venture outside of the U.K. So I booked me a ticket for Dublin and Milan (one of the major fashion capitals) next Monday.

This past week I also went to grocery store for the very first time. I was shocked when I went in and there no carts for you to put your groceries, just little hand held baskets. I understand why many places offer grocery delivery if you place your order online. Unfortunately, since my billing zip code is in the U.S. I can’t use this service. That just reminds me I bought some New York cheesecake while I was there. I will have to try it in a few.

Well it’s after midnight here. So let me get some rest.
-Brandi PikesRound Church in London


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