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I’ve seen a great lot of things so far.

Well, I have been in studying in Ireland now for a little over a month, and I have yet to feel anything but happy to be here. I’m finally starting to feel a bit more settled now and have begun to get more into the routine of things and find my own way around. I have even begun to explore other parts of Ireland outside of Limerick. In Ireland, is it extremely easy to travel to other towns, and it is fairly cheap if you ride on Bus Eireann.

My first trip that I took outside of Limerick was to Killarney. It is a small town that hosts a number of fun things to do in such a beautiful part of the country. In the area there is a large national park, which I visited with some of my friends. While we were in the park we decided to take a horse carriage ride through the park, which was a little expensive, but was so much fun and gave us such a good view of the Lakes of Killarney. We also found other fun things in town like live music and shopping. It was a place I wish I could have spent more time exploring, but maybe I will get there again before I leave.

Last weekend I went on a trip to Northern Ireland. It was sponsored through the IFSA Butler study abroad in Ireland program and was totally free. That’s a great thing about going with the program because many times they plan little trips for you, and all you need to do is sign up. Anyways, during our weekend we stayed in Belfast, and got to explore things there. I would most definitely recommend the Black Cab tour with all the murals, and also the shopping was great too. In addition, we traveled to Derry to see things like Giant’s Causeway and Dunluce Castle. Both were quite amazing despite the windy weather. The weather almost did ruin parts of the trip because strong winds and rain don’t make sightseeing too fun.

I still have quite a lot yet that I would still like to see in Ireland, and I have the whole semester to travel still with my new friends and everyone who comes to visit. Spring break is coming up soon, and I will also get a chance to travel around Europe as well. I can’t wait for all there is still left to explore!


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