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Hooray!! Spring break is just a couple of days away!!! This will be the most exciting spring break I have ever had.  On Thursday I will be leaving for London, the best part is that my family is flying over from the states to meet me there!! 😀  We will spend a couple of days in London and then spend the rest of our time in Paris!! I haven’t been to either place, so it will be a new experience to the max. :) I have gotten my major work done for school so I won’t have to worry about much over break! It’s especially nice that I have all my major work done, because now I can focus on enjoying the lovely weather in the days before I go on spring break vacation. Except…I got sun-burnt yesterday lol.  I am really excited about seeing my family, I miss them so much! I think this trip will be great, because I am getting to explore more of Europe, plus I get to see the people I love; how much better can it get? Well….it would be so much better if I could have my cat here with me in Scotland lol. Today is laundry day, and tomorrow is classes, then flying to London!! :)  Hope everyone else is enjoying their spring break or has exciting plans, and has safe travels!! :)


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