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Best Spring Break Ever

Unfortunately spring break is over and I have to rejoin the school world lol. Over spring break I went to London and Paris with my family, who flew over from Washington state. :) In London we went to Westminster Abbey, The Tower of London, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, we saw London Eye and Big Ben :) I am sure there is more, but at the moment I cannot remember lol.  I liked London, but we stayed in Central London, and the atmosphere wasn’t very relaxing. My family and I took the Euro-star train from London to Paris.  Once we arrived in Paris, it was an entirely different atmosphere. Nearly everyone in Paris was very kind, and even though I don’t speak French, they were more than willing to speak English to us! :)  Plus, the French food is DELICIOUS!!! There potatoes are heavenly, I’ve never tasted anything like them!! 😀  In Paris, we saw Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower, The Palace of Versailles, The Louvre, and the musee d’orsay. Again, there may be more I am forgetting X)! I cannot name a favorite place though, because it was all just so stunning and breath-taking! It was lovely seeing my family too, although I have to admit I wanted to return home to Washington with them lol.   Now that spring break has been over for a week, I am starting to accept that I must return back to the routine of schoolwork.  Just a couple more papers and then exams in May and I will be done.  I feel like my time here in Scotland is just flying by!! This weekend coming up is the IFSA-Butler trip to the Isle of Skye! I cannot wait, because I’ve heard from many people that Skye is absolutely stunning; keeping my fingers crossed for decent weather.  I am sure this trip will be just as memorable as the Argyll trip, if not more! :)  The reason it has taken me so long to post this, is because I have been ill with tonsilitis and pharyngitis; very fun lol!


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