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What is RAG week?

Just to let you all know RAG week is something that I have been excited for since I came to study in Ireland. I heard about it at orientation and was told that it would be the most fun week of the whole semester. RAG stands for raising and giving, and the whole purpose of the week is to raise money for charities. It has become one of the biggest traditions at the University of Limerick over the years.

The way that UL gets money for the charities is by having all kinds of events where the students buy tickets to participate. Last week the tickets went on sale, and my friends and I queued starting at six am even though the tickets didn’t go on sale until ten because they have a limited number. Only the evening events have tickets that you have to purchase beforehand, and the other events during the day you can pay on the spot or they are free. The evening events that the university hosts are concerts on campus and dances at venues in the city center.

During the day starting at about eleven is when everything starts. There is a whole list of activities to participate in everyday which include things like games, eating contests, and a whole bunch more. My favorite so far has been watching my guy friends do boat races. It was quite a hilarious site. All in all you can fill the day pretty easy by going to all kinds of events, and it can be hard to get motivated to go to class.

The week isn’t even over yet and I’m already pretty exhausted from all the fun, but I know that Friday will be a nice day to rest up because I don’t have class. On Friday there is only one event all day because the university expects that students have had a pretty crazy week. This event is the wrap up party at the Stables pub on campus. It’s a good way to end the week without being too wild. This week has been incredibly too much fun already, and I know I will have good memories of it when I return home.


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