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A Week in Review

this where I take most of my classes

Last Saturday morning I attended a stop racism protest in Newport, Wales. Even though it was rainy there still was a decent-sized crowd. I had never been to a protest before this one. My mother and grandmother were surprised when I told them I wanted to go. They kept asking me if I was going to be safe. Needless to say the demonstration went well.

It was wonderful to see so many people come together for equality. Later that evening I found out that my grandfather had died earlierĀ  that morning. I was so upset since I had just wrote him a postcard and was looking forward to seeing him when I get back in December.

Sunday was pretty much a slow day for me, since I was still mourning my grandfather.Art inside an underground walk way

Monday I got up went to my classes, even though I wasn’t really feeling up to it. When I came out of my 5’o’clock class it was dark outside. I was surprised. Then I found out that the time had changed the night before. Since my phone automatically updated itself I did not notice.

Tuesday and Wednesday I had no lectures. So I spent one day completing all my graduate school applications and essays. Then the next day I headed down to the city center to find an outfit for this big party in London that I am attending Friday Night.

After a few hours of walking from arcade to arcade I finally found something that I fancied.

Waiting for the bus to come so I can attend the protest

Thursday, which is today I only had one lecture. After my Politics & Journalism class I decided to head down to the center to meet a friend for lunch at Starbucks It’s amazing how Starbucks cakes seem to taste different in the UK compared to the ones in the US.

Tomorrow I have two seminars. I have so much reading to get through tonight. I’m not sure how or why I waited to the last minute this week. Well let me get to it. I just wanted to give you an update.



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