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Easter Holiday in Rural Vic and Cairns!

Hey everybody! Sorry for the delay between posts, been pretty busy with plenty of things lately! Since the last post we’ve had a few more weeks of class and about 10 days off for Easter break, which was a very nice change of pace. I’ll start with a little from my Easter holiday for those of you interested in hearing about some travels.

The first day of the break, April 7th, actually fell on my birthday and we celebrated it in a little town called Rochester (same name as the town I grew up in…) which is about a two hour ride north of Melbourne. Me, Cam and Pat all spent the Easter/birthday weekend up in rural Victoria with our friends Tess, Xavier and Eliza from college. It was definitely nice to see a whole different side of the country by getting out of the city and it felt a lot more like home! While we were there we got to play with Xavier’s lambs, ride (and drive) the paddle steamer boats in Echuca, and saw a dragon parade in Bendigo. Not bad for only the first three days of holiday!

After our country Victoria trip, we headed back to college for a few days before hopping on a plane up north to Cairns for the remainder of the break. After seeing other people’s pictures and hearing their stories about the beautiful water and tropical climate of Cairns, we couldn’t have been more excited to lay around in the sun for the next 5 days! However, when we arrived, it was raining. And it kept raining…and raining…and raining. 5 days of holiday. 5 days of rain. What a rip-off! We decided that we had come too far though to let a little (a LOT) rain get in the way of a good time. To take advantage of our rainy conditions the second day there we booked a Daintree rainforest day adventure. This turned out to be a very informative and fun tour! We drove about two hours north of Cairns to cape tribulation while driving on a terribly small two lane road overlooking the beach the whole time. I sat in the front seat and it literally felt like a rollercoaster! The day was filled with a lot of highlights including seeing the spot where Steve Irwin was killed, stopping at the Mossman gorge, doing a crocodile spotting cruise, walking on the beach, trekking through the rainforest, and many more! I would definitely recommend doing a day trip like this if anybody heads up to Cairns any time soon. We spent the next few days exploring the city in the rain before our snorkeling trip on Sunday. Sunday’s Great Barrier Reef snorkeling trip was possibly the coolest experience of my life! Although the weather didn’t cooperate with us at all, forcing the boat to rock quite a bit and upset more than a few stomachs (including Cam’s unfortunately), it was still a great experience. Pat and I made 4 trips out of the boat each, at two different reef locations. We saw a sea turtle, stingray, plenty of nemo’s and other cool fish, and even had a 5 foot shark swim underneath us! This was advertised as one of the main draws of Cairns and now I can understand why! This day alone made the trip for me, and I am very glad that we had the chance to experience it.

Since I took so long between posts, I’ll make sure to get another blog up within the next week to talk more about things around college and experiences in Melbourne. I’ll also make sure to post some of our rainy Cairns pictures once I get them loaded! Other than that, getting excited for my parents to come visit, they arrive next Friday and are staying at college for the week! It will be nice to see them and I’ll be sure to keep them busy while they’re here. That’s all for now, expect to hear more very soon though!





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