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2 Months Left

I have 2 months left in New Zealand. And then 1 week in Fiji (hopefully). I try not to think about it, but it was brought up because my flatmate Sarah is leaving in a month and a half and we were just discussing her plans. It’s really saddening to think about leaving this place where I’ve made a new home and these people who I call best friends. That’s exactly why we are doing our best to savor every moment we have left.

My flatmates and I get along so well. We have so much fun together and we spend lots of time together watching movies, going shopping in town, doing homework, and hanging out with the neighbors. We are hoping to get a camping trip planned soon!

It’s also weird to think about how everyone in the States is almost out for summer and I just reached the half-way point of my semester. School sucks in both hemispheres in case you were wondering. Being in NZ doesn’t make the essays and exams and projects any less stressful and frustrating. In fact, it is more stressful because you feel like you are missing out on so many adventures when you have to stay home and study. However, I have been able to find a really good balance of getting work done and spending time with friends/going on adventures.

I went white-water rafting with IFSA-Butler last weekend and it was so much fun! We got on a bus and drove for an hour before we got to the place and put on wetsuits. We split into small groups and rafted down a beautiful river. It was a little bit slower/less intense than I was expecting but it was a good first experience. I definitely want to do it again in the future.

I will post an update about my break soon. It will take me forever to post about it so I need to wait until I have a huge chunk of time. I also have some videos to post!


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